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College of Economics, technology and standardization of food production

College of Economics, technology and standardization of food manufactures of Astana School of technical and vocational education. He passed all the stages of the reform of network education and entered the modern phase of the new updated form.

The College was founded June 3, 1997, pursuant to order No. 200, the Ministry of education, culture and health based liquidated 4 colleges: Of Agriculture; Novoishimsk animal health; Atbasars agricultural and food production technology College.

By order of the Department of education of Astana No. 195 dated August 24, 2001, the College was renamed to the agro-technical college, College of Economics, technology and standardization of food production. The College is registered as a Public municipal and State enterprise – certificate of State registration of legal entity no. 6343-1901-SE September 28, 2001 year. The founder of the College of education is the Department of Astana City, there is a corresponding license of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan # 0000347 AA.

For implementing education College has two academic buildings located at the address: UL. Kokzhiek 2.4. Built-up area 1125.42 sq.m., the amount of buildings 3376.26 cube. m. total area 6233 m2. m, year built: 1956.

In accordance with curricula offered 12 classrooms and laboratories. Equipment of the rooms corresponds to the model list. In the rooms there are posters, stands, equipment .

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День открытых дверей

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There are no translations available. Астана қаласының Білім басқармасы Экономика, технология және тағам өндірісін стандарттау колледжі Ашық есік күні бағдарламасы «Заманауи білім берудің инновациялық үрдістері» Программа ... подробнее...
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