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Field training camp 2018 PDF Print E-mail


In the period from 11 to 16 June 20178 on the basis of College training and field training, in which took part students of the first course. Holding fees contributes to the completion of the formation of the trainee the necessary knowledge, practical skills, educate them patriotism, a sense of camaraderie, teamwork, responsible attitude to itself and to the results of its activities. According to the results of the active participants of the fees were awarded diplomas.


Лучший студент 2018г PDF Print E-mail
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20.04.2018 году в нашем колледже прошел конкурс «Лучший студент 2018».

Цель нашего конкурса: активизация сильных сторон личности студентов, формирование культуры речи, выявление самого находчивого участника этого соревнования.


Внеурочные деятельности: кружки, секций PDF Print E-mail
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C целью создания оптимальных условий для интеллектуального развития, удовлетворения интересов, склонностей и дарований студентов, самообразования и творческого труда, профессионального самоопределения, разумного досуга, отдыха и развлечений в колледже организована работа следующих кружков и секций.

Предметные кружки:


ФИО руководителя

Название кружка

Место проведения

График работы


Ахметова Меруерт Казымбековна

«Жас дарын»

13 аудитория

Пятница 18.30-19.30


Маумова Айжан Жанатбековна

«Болашақ маман»

14 аудитория

Вторник, четверг, пятница 18.30-19.30


Қойлыбаев Мақсат Нурмухамедович

« Жас қыран»

15 аудитория

Суббота 13.30- 14.30


Смирнова Ольга Дмитриевна

«Я будущий специалист»

16 аудитория

Вторник 13.00-14.00


Елеусизова Жазира Жанболатовна

« Қонақ үйде қызмет көрсету технологиясы»

22 аудитория

Пятница, суббота 12.30- 13.30


Хакимов Мұрат Жанарбекұлы

«Сөз мергені »

23 аудитория

Пятница, суббота 12.30- 13.30


Турсынбаев Мухамадия


« WEB шебері»

24 аудитория

Пятница 12.30- 13.30


Есенбекова Бахытгуль Советовна

« Қол өнер шебері»

26 аудитория

Среда 12.30-13.30


Жунусова Айша Сериковна

«Ландшафтный   Дизайн»

34 аудитория

Понедельник 12.30- 13.30


Махметова Айнагуль Каримовна

« Машины и аппараты пищевых производств»

35 аудитория

Вторник, четверг 12.30-13.30


Шайхина Альмира Бахытжановна

« Art of communication»

39 аудитория

Пятница 13.00-14.00


Внеурочные деятельности: кружки, секций


Наименованние кружка




«Жас қанат» (волонтерлер мектебі)




«Тоғыз құмалақ»








«Жас сақшы»

колледж инспекторы Л.Маликқызы,









Қыздар, қызғалдақ...

Шапишева Б.К.



Адал ұрпақ



Спортивные секций


Волейбол (қыздар)




Волейбол (ұлдар)








«Astana is a clean and safe city» city community work day PDF Print E-mail


May 12, 2018 year held city Saturday . College students took part on «We are for a clean city»


Showing a picture of the legendary Kazakh artist Amre Kashaubayev PDF Print E-mail


            May 11, 2018 teachers and college students visited the cinema "Chaplin MEGA Silk Way" where a screening of the film about the legendary Kazakh artist Amre Kashaubayev, triumphantly performed in Paris in 1925 at the international exhibition EXPO. The film was the result of joint work of Kazakh, American, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian specialists. Artist Amre - actor Sanzhar Madiev. Film tells about the bright, but short, mysteriously broken life of the Kazakh nugget - the dramatic tenor Amre Kashaubaeva. In 1925, the musician went to Paris for the World Music Competition within the framework of the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes. Despite all the difficulties and obstacles in Paris, Amre Kashaubayev won the silver medal of the contest by the results of the voting and made a splash among foreign public. A special emphasis in the film is made on the friendship of the Kazakh singer with the American jazz composer George Gershwin and the acquaintance with the Kazakh politician Mustafa Shokay.


Military-patriotic competition "Watching the structure and songs" PDF Print E-mail


                 May 9 - Victory Day. Forever will remain in the memory of our people the names of the heroes who defended our Motherland. And it is the duty of every citizen to educate the rising generation of a sense of duty, patriotism and love for their country, so that each generation cherishes the memory of the fathers and great-grandfathers.

       Traditionally, on May 11, 2018, the college of economics, technology and standardization of food production hosted a review of the structure and songs dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory, in which the first-year students took part.

     Within a few weeks the teams were preparing for this event: they selected the appropriate song, prepared the form, honed the elements of drill training received during the occupation for the initial military training. The performance of the students was evaluated by the competent jury according to the pre-selected criteria. Brightly, beautifully, emotionally students of all groups spoke.        
       Each team tried to show the most positive qualities - responsibility, ability to work together in a team, to execute teams, and also to perform drill songs. Everyone was eager to look like a brave soldier and win. Competent jury revealed the winners of the review.

         Watch building and songs is not only a competition, but also an indicator of cohesion and teamwork.


Victory Day!!! PDF Print E-mail

May 10, 2018 in honor of commemorating the Victory with gifts and congratulations KSU "Sharapat" was attended by college students led by the director Akhmetov K.A. and deputy director for educational work Shapisheva B.K. The events were marked by the laying of a memorable wreath and flowers on the avenue of veterans "Ardager", where each tree was planted by the participants of the Great Patriotic War. The idea originates from the moment of celebrating the 20th anniversary of Astana and the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory over Fascism. Today, one of the participants in the fighting in the Far East, Linnik Oleg Ivanovich, lives here. Many warm words and wishes were said on this day, memorable diplomas and gifts were presented. In the end, the college students passed a solemn march to the veterans and pensioners. Veterans and pensioners expressed their gratitude to the college, as well as Kenzhebulat Bapishev, director of KSU Sharapat.


"We are for a clean city!" PDF Print E-mail


Teachers, employees and students of the college came out on a citywide subbotnik under the motto "We are for a clean city!" and took an active part in the citywide action "Astana is a clean and safe city".


"We are for safety on the roads and in everyday life" PDF Print E-mail


11.04.2018 year in the college assistant doctor together with the psychologist of the department of prevention and socio-psychological care of the polyclinic of the GKP on PVC № 5 Alchikenova AB. among students 1-2 courses conducted a training on the topic "We are for safety on the roads and in everyday life"


DIPLOMA ІІІ degree PDF Print E-mail


April 12, 2018 At the XII International Scientific Conference "Science and Knowledge -2018", organized by the Eurasian National University, the 3rd year student of the department "Standardization of metrology and certification" Zhakyp Әkezhan took part. The work was marked by a diploma of the third degree.


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